Baheya Biobank


Baheya Biobank is part of Baheya Foundation of Early detection and treatment of Breast Cancer. The preparations for establishing Baheya Biobank started in 2020 and the sample collection begin at the end of 2022. The biobank was initiated to support the biomedical research to improve diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of breast cancer.


To establish a center of excellence that will provide quality and standardized collection and storage of biospecimens that could be used for biomedical breast cancer research directed towards improving the diagnostic and prognostic research required to advance precision medicine in Egypt, the region, and worldwide.


Baheya Biobank shall facilitate biospecimen collection, storage and health information for biomedical research to pave the way towards the discovery and development of new novel biomarkers and innovative therapies in breast cancer research field.

Research Fields:

  1. Breast Cancer Prevention.
  2. Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis.
  3. Breast Cancer Prognosis.
  4. Breast Cancer Treatment.
  5. Familial Breast Cancer Syndromes Detection.
  6. Breast Cancer Response to Treatment.
  7. Breast Cancer Pathogenesis.
  8. Breast Cancer Epidemiology.
  9. Survivorship Research
  10. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence Applications In Breast Cancer

Baheya Biobank hierarchy:

• Advisory committee members: Board member, Hospital CEO, External Expert, Medical Director.
• Steering committee members: Head of Departments (laboratory, pathology, research center, surgery, oncology, radiology departments and, IT), Ethical Committee member, Lawyer, and Accountant.
• Biobank director
• Biobank staff: research coordinator, lab specialist/chemist, pathology chemist/tech, IT &HIS, lab safety (quality control, infection control and medical engineering), nurse aid and administrative secretary.

Baheya Biobank structure and facilities:

The biobanking infrastructure of the Baheya is located in the Baheya Foundation

  • Pre-analytical processing (centrifuge, automatic pipettes, cryo-tubes).
  • Freezer -80 օC monitored by Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Vue™ Client Server Software.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Tank (storage at temperatures below -190 °C).
  • Database for the medical records on HIS system.
  • Database with clinical annotation and follow-up

Training facilities:

Not available

Scope of services:

Baheya Biobank is able to provide a range of different services for researchers, including provision of stored samples as well as processing and storage of samples.

  • Stored samples
  • We have a number of collections of fixed and frozen samples stored within the
    facility. They cover a wide variety of different breast cancer areas, with our Biobank
    currently expanding on these collections.

  • New prospective collections
  • Requests can be made to begin a new prospective collection if we do not currently
    collect the required samples.

  • Processing and storage
  • We are able to undertake some basic processing of samples and then store them
    within the facility on a long-term basis. We can also spin and aliquot liquid samples
    and dissect tissue samples.

  • Database with clinical annotation and follow-up
  • Central server with web access to anonymized data linked to biospecimen repository

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