Alexandria Cancer Biobank


To build national medical research capacity, through biobank based science in Alexandria, Egypt.




  • To develop an independent, open accessible, advanced national biobank facility, which could provide proficient biological sample storage, cataloguing, for ready reference and retrieval, high-end analytical services through skilled manpower along with human resource training in biobanking.
  • A nodal centre for translational and basic researchers to conduct thorough research, on longitudinal cohort bio-samples under one roof.


  • To establish an independent National Biobank on Cancer research, functioning testing of cryo preservation, analytical systems and implementation of quality assurance practices.
  • Nationwide capacity building in Cancer research by sharing the services, informatics and strengthening competence and capabilities of stakeholders.
  • To attain partial sustenance model to deliver the excellence in biobanking services by adopting appropriate model by utilizing the world-class services and resources.
  • To undertake biobank based pilot projects and to expand the biobank based need and science in Alexandria, Egypt.

Fieldes and activities

  1. Cancer biobanking
  2. Tropical diseases biobanking
  3. Rare / congenital diseases biobanking
  4. Endometriosis biobanking
  5. Pharmacogenomics


Cryo preservation

  1. -196°C Liquid Nitrogen Storage tank
  2. -80°C freezers
  3. -20°C freezer


    1. Next-Gen Sequencing [NGS]
    2. High Resolution-Mass Spectrometer
    3. Automated IHC, IF, ISF Stainer
    4. Flow Cytometer with Cell Sorter
    5. Surecast Gel Handcast Bundle
    6. Tissue Embedding Station
    7. Cryotome and Microtome
    8. CO2 Incubator
    9. Tissue Processor
    10. Gel Doc System
    11. Grossing Stations
    12. Tissue Microarrayer
    13. Controlled Rate Freezer
    14. Cooling Centrifuges
    15. Education & training & degrees offered by Alexandria Cancer Biobank (ACB):
    16. The Medical Research Institute offers a Professional MSc degree in Biobanking which is approved by Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and recognized by BCNet-IARC-WHO .


International memberships of The Medical Research Institute include:

  1. International Association for Cancer Registries-IACR_WHO from 1960
  2. International Union Against Cancer, UICC from 1970
  3. American Cancer Society, ACS-USA from 1980
  4. European Association for Cancer Research ,EACR from 2014
  5. Egyptian Association for Cancer Research , EACR-from 2015
  6. European School of Clinical Oncology ESMO from 2015
  7. Biobanks and Cohort Network in LMIC , BCNet IARC-WHO from 2016
  8. European Middle Eastern & African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking ESBB-2016
  9. A founder member of Middle Eastern Association for Cancer Research MEARC 2017
  10. A founder member of Egypt Biobank Network EBN-2018


 r Name  Specialty
1 Prof. Fayek Elkhwsky Director
2 Prof. Adel Zaki Research Ethics
3 Prof. Amal Farahat Allam SOP of Biobanking
4 Prof. Amany Kazem Pathology
5 Prof. Maher Kamel Biochemistry
6 Prof. Gehan Khalil Clinical Pathology, ( QA, QC)
7 Prof. Seham Kamal Physiology
8 Prof Ghada El Kayat Business/ IT  landscape
9 Prof. Mervat AlSewefy Health Governance
10 Ass. Prof. Amira Nabil Human Genetics
11 Ass. Prof Yasser Hamed Surgery
12 Ass. Prof  Irene  Lewis Hematology
12 Ass. Prof .Marwa Anwar Clinical Pathology .( QA, QC)
132 Dr. Shymaa  Abdalla Bioinformatics
14 Islam Abdelghani Biobank  Technician

https://www.biobanking.com/directory/  , http://mri.alexu.edu.eg , felkhwsky@alexu.edu.eg,

Medical Research Institute 165 El Horreya Avenue, Al Hadara, Alexandria, Egypt. 

Mobile :01006627954



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